• Ronald Kern

LIMBitless Challenge Stories: Matt Payne, staff

Last year's LIMBitless Challenge - Table Rock Ascent was a great experience! I was most amazed last year by 5 young kids. They and their families traveled from Eastern Idaho to participate in the Table Rock Ascent. Wow!! They were so inspirational and full of joy. It was wonderful that they were able to have a new FreeWheel to use in their hometown so they can have more mobility. One of these young people arrived at the top and asked where they should turn in the FreeWheel. They had no idea it was a gift provided through generous sponsors.

The Limbitless team spent months preparing, planning, and discussing how it would come together. When I showed up that morning and saw the participants and volunteers that came out for the first ever event I was blown away. It exceeded all our goals and loftiest expectations for the first event. It was not because of numbers, but the inspiration seen through the hearts and actions of the amazing people that came together as a community to support each other.


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