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Tech For Vets - Technology For Our Veterans

Tech For Vets is no longer an idea or concept, it's a reality that is already seeing impact being made for our veterans. Limbitless is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose focus is wounded veterans and adaptive communities worldwide.

The goal of Tech For Vets is to provide new or very gently used technology for veterans that have sustained a service-connected injury, including PTSD and TBI. Ronald Kern, Founder and Executive Director of Limbitless said, "Technology is a critical piece for our veterans in many ways such as to getting back into the workforce, communication, support, research, and many other areas of daily life. Our Board of Directors agreed and the project was launched."

Within a week of conception Tech For Vets was highlighted on KTVB and the same day two veterans had applied and were approved. Veterans can apply for technology by visiting the registration page. Kern relayed, "Dee Sarton is such a caring and incredible person, she always supports Limbitless and our projects, especially one focused on helping our veterans. I really can't thank her or KTVB enough for helping us spread the word."

"Having the opportunity to partner on this project with such an incredible organization like Wyakin Foundation, just makes this project even more special." Kern added.

Watch the KTVB news story below.

Last night, these two incredible veterans, husbands, and fathers, received brand new computers.

One of the recipients was Jorge Hernandez, a Wyakin student and an 11 year Marine veteran who said, "A desktop computer would help me so much, I had a computer but it broke and I had to spend many hours at the library and school using their computer. Sometimes those places are closed and prevent me from being more prepared for my school work."

Jorge was humble, quiet spoken, and kind spirited. He deployed 4 times with the bulk of his service (and injuries) taking place in Iraq. A double Purple Heart recipient, he witnessed as many veterans do, unthinkable things that civilians can only imagine.

With his passion and internal drive to better himself and other veterans like him, he is going after his Masters degree so he can build homes for veterans.

The final computer delivery of the night was to veteran Cory Albertson. Cory was recently medically discharged from the Army after 5 years of service and left the service in the rank of Captain. His primary job was a UH-60M Blackhawk pilot.

The new computer came at a good time for him. Cory said, "I am starting school online Spring 2017 so having a newer computer that is more reliable would benefit me tremendously. It would also help ensure that my education goes uninterrupted in the scenario where my current computer breaks down."

He too is enrolled with Wyakin and his current computer is slowly but surely breaking down and apart. He used that computer while serving in Afghanistan so it has seen enough miles for sure.

Ronald and Lisa Kern and Cory Albertson

Kern grinned while saying, "The only drawback from delivering these computers to these two heroes last night was, we didn't get enough time to spend with them. We could have spent hours and hours with them, such incredible patriots."

We hope you take a few seconds to donate or at least help us in spreading the word about this project. As Wyakin's Executive Director Brent Taylor said in the video, "it's all about awareness."

We hope you take a few seconds to donate or at least help us in spreading the word about this project. As Wyakin's Executive Director Brent Taylor said in the video, "it's all about awareness."

Donations can be made in several ways; Technology, equipment, financial, software or services. You can donate financially by clicking the below "donate" button, or to help our veterans in other ways, click here.

To learn more please click any link or picture below.

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