What is the LIMBitless™ Challange?

The LIMBitless™ Challenge is an opportunity for the adaptive community to engage in a physical experience that will empower and enable them to “Go Beyond” their limits. Our goal is to expand the horizons of what is possible for the participants, and to engage the local community through awareness and interaction. Through our valued partnerships, we hope to equip individuals with the tools they need to become more LIMBitless™ in their daily lives.   Here are some photos of a recent test-climb.


Our first event is The Table Rock Ascent, launching here in Boise, Idaho.  You certainly want to be a part of this amazing experience, and we encourage everyone to participate.



DATE:  Saturday, June 4, 2016

TIME:  10:00am - 2:00pm

LOCATION:  Table Rock (Boise, Idaho)

COST:  $10.00 per person

PARKING:  Idaho Old Penitentiary & Idaho Botanical parking lots

DIRECTIONS:  From Broadway Avenue. turn east on Warm Springs Avenue. and go about 2 miles. Turn off on Old Penitentiary Road; there will be signs for the Botanical Gardens.  When the road forks, go left and follow to large dirt parking lot. This is the trailhead where we will start the journey.  Click here for a map if needed.






















  • Individuals and teams will be started at intervals to facilitate the flow of traffic.

  • Participants will make the climb to the top of Table Rock with their team, then be transported down by bus/van.  Non-adaptive participants may choose to descend on the trail if they wish. The van will drop off back at the Old Penitentiary parking area.

  • Aid stations will be available in various locations

  • Photo opportunities will be available at the top of Table Rock!  

             - You can view and download your pictures HERE after the event!.  We also will have a place for you to upload your own photos to be shared on our website and Facebook.     

Please use #LIMBitlessChallange for any social media posts.



I'm in a wheelchair and would like to participate, can I?

Of course!  This is what this challenge is about, and we can't wait to see you!  Use the team registration and sign up in minutes.


I'm not an adaptive or wounded veteran, but I'd still like to climb, is that okay?

Of course!  Just sign up using the individual registration, and come meet some new friends and get some excercise at the same time.


What should I bring to the event?

We recommend good walking shoes, sunscreen, non-disposable water bottle, and anything else you need to hike to the top of Table Rock.


How long will the hike take us?

This answer has many factors to consider.  If your team has an adaptive person, how many people are in your team, etc.  We recommend planning on 45-60 minutes, but could vary.  This is not a race or a competition, so enjoy the surroundings, the people, and your time as you journey to the top.


I have additional questions, how can I contact someone?

We want to ensure your questions are answered, so please email us and we'll get right back to you.


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