LIMBitless Ambassadors

Our LIMBitless Ambassadors are volunteers who have a passion to help and connect the adaptive (worldwide) and wounded veterans (USA) communities.


What is a LIMBitless Ambassador?

The goal of our Ambassadors is to raise awareness about LIMBitless, our projects, and our online community. LIMBitless Ambassadors help forge meaningful relationships and partnerships and serve as a communication liaison between LIMBitless and those in the state/city that the Ambassador resides.


What is expected of a LIMBitless Ambassador?

  • Help spread awareness about LIMBitless in their state or cities they live in.  This is accomplished through the Ambassadors network, their social media, or other ways they feel would be beneficial.

  • Provide a positive image and guide interested persons or companies to the LIMBitless website.

  • Should a LIMBitless Challenge be chosen in an Ambassadors area, they will have the first opportunity to become a coordinator of the event.

  • We understand time is valuable so the amount of time required is very minimal.  Those going above and beyond will be recognized on our website, blog, and social media accounts.


What do LIMBitless Ambassadors receive if selected?

All approved Ambassadors receive:

  • A LIMBitless shirt, hat, and wristband.

  • Their name listed on the below clickable map, which includes a website link to the page of their choice (relatable).

  • Recognized in an article being featured in the LIMBitless Blog.

  • Have the opportunity to write a relatable story to be placed in the LIMBitless Blog.

  • Be involved in the Ambassador capacity for an organization steadily increasing visibility and exposure worldwide.


How do I apply to become a LIMBitless Ambassador?

It is a SHORT questionnaire and only takes a minute or two.  


How will I know if I'm selected?

Our selection process is expedited and you will be notified via email if chosen.  Once you are selected for a US state, no other person will be listed for that state on our map.  


In the future and as we continue to grow, we may be required to add Regional Ambassadors or multiple Ambassadors for larger states/areas.  Regional Ambassadors will be offered to current state Ambassadors.



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