October 20, 2018

LIMBitless™ Challenge - Table Rock Ascent

Was a HUGE Success, Thank You!


We are already planning for the 4th Annual LIMBitless Challenge to take place in October and if it's anything like this year, it's going to be exceptional. The LIMBitless Leadership Team & Board of Directors wants to thank you for being a part of this year's amazing experience.  Your support, participation, volunteering, and spirit of giving are critical in achieving our mission and goals.  


The total number of teams this increased over last year, for a total of 33 teams.  The more we have equates to more we can help, along with having the opportunity to experience all that happens during the event. 















Each participant in a wheelchair was provided with a FREE "FreeWheel", which provides far greater mobility allowing more options for adventures.  These help chairs go through gravel, sand, grass, dirt, bark, snow, and other difficult terrains.  These aren't covered by insurance and cost approximately $750.00 each, so many were so elated that after the event they took them home with them.  Special thanks to the Steadfast Foundation whom we have the blessing to work with who work tirelessly to make them available for free.



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We sincerely hope that everyone who has participated was positively impacted by their experience, and we hope to see you next year! 


Click below to view photos and more!

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Dorian Willes - Dorian started a company at the age of 21 doing residential and commercial concrete construction. Over the next several years I had some major challenges in my life. In 2008 after battling with a substance abuse issue I was shot 21 times by the Boise Police Department and spend 9 months in the hospital. A year after getting out of the hospital I was sentenced to 2 years in a federal penitentiary. I lost my company and had lost all sight in my right eye due to head trauma, the use of my left hand and they ended up having to amputate my right leg below the knee. 


After I served my time I had a very different outlook on life. I wanted to help kids all over the world as well as chasing my own personal dreams of becoming the athlete I always wanted to be regardless of my physical disabilities.  He helps youth by being involved in several non-profit organizations.


Dorian hasn't let his past dictate his future as he's inspired others through weightlifting competitions, where he has 7 Idaho state records and a world record.  During 2014-2016 he qualified for the Paralympic Team in the sport of Skeleton, finishing 4th and 2nd in the world respectively.  Clearly, there isn't anything that stops him!

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