June 3, 2017

LIMBitless™ Challenge - Table Rock Ascent

Our 2nd Annual event was another huge success which grew significantly over last year and everyone on the LIMBitless Team wants to thank you for being a part of the experience. Your support, participation, volunteering, and spirit of giving were critical in achieving our goal.  


The total number of teams increased almost 80% to a total of 30, compared to 17 last year. Additionally, those volunteering grew from 70 to over 130!  We love seeing these increases as it means helping more people and having more that get to personally enjoy this experience.  All 30 teams completed the ascent and it was so incredible to see each one reach the top.


Each participant in a wheelchair was provided with a FREE "FreeWheel", which provides far greater mobility, allowing them more options for adventures.  These aren't covered by insurance and cost approximately $600.00 each, so many were so elated that after the event they took them home with them.  Special thanks to the Steadfast Foundation for providing these.


We were fortunate enough to have an impromptu flyover of 4 Blackhawk Attack Helicopters after everyone reached the top, along with some special guests that are listed below.  Click on any of the below images to enlarge.

We sincerely hope that everyone who participated was positively impacted by their experience, and we are already planning for the 2018 LIMBitless Challenge - Table Rock Ascent.


Corporal Kevin Holtry (Boise Police Department) - One team that defied the odds is Kevin Holtry and those that helped him, members of the BPD SWAT Team.  Just eight months ago, Holtry lost his leg after a shootout with a wanted criminal and also left him paralyzed from the waist down.  In addition to his early stages of recovery, he has become an inspiration in our city as well as being known across the United States.  We were honored to have Holtry and his brothers in blue participate this year. 













Brianna Helbling - Brianna offered her voice, music, and talents for everyone by starting off with an incredible version of our national anthem.  She also performed "LIMBitless," a song written for us which was amazing - Watch it here


She recently received the North Dakota "U Give Award" which is given to the artist making a big impact for non-profit organizations.  Her schedule has increased tremendously from last year so we were lucky to have her attend.  We want to thank her parents Brian and Pam, along with her sister and friends who helped her get to Boise from North Dakota.














Boise Chief of Police Bill Bones -  Supporting our event, community, and of course Kevin Holtry, it was so wonderful to have him attend.  "Everybody you see here is overcoming some different challenge they have had in their life and they're going up that hill.  It's not just an individual but a team, and that really represents who we are as a community I think."



Nathan Ogden -  From a rising 20-something to instantly paralyzed, Nathan Ogden’s life came crashing to a halt when he shattered his neck snow skiing, leaving him a quadriplegic in 2001.  Since his second neck break he has experienced snow skiing, snorkeling, skydiving, completing a half triathlon and most recently rappelling off a 150 foot cliff.  We were honored having Nathan speak to everyone prior to the start of the LIMBitless Challenge, energizing the crowd!


Thank You Sponsors!

Thank you to all of our generous sponsors for their support of the LIMBitless Challenge..  Due to their financial involvement, our organization continues to grow and launch this event, the first of its kind, in Boise, Idaho.  We have exciting plans for our organization which will only help others, which would not be a possibility without the support of our sponsors.


Below is a list of these special people and organizations, and because of them, lives have been changed.  Please click their logo, visit their website, and send them a personal note of thanks for all that they do for our wounded veterans and adaptive communites.

Boise River Insurance
Steadfast Foundation
KFalk Design
Beyond The Sky Films
HA Photography
First Student
Boise River Insurance

Photo Gallery

We have provided several photographs of the event from the start to finish from a variety of sources for you to view, remember, and enjoy the incredible moments made.  

You too likely have some incredible photos or videos and we'd love to see and share them!  Just click the below to upload your photos.  By doing so you are authorizing us to use them and we thank you in advance for sharing!

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