June 4, 2016 - LIMBitless™ Challenge - Table Rock Ascent

Our first event was a great success and the LIMBitless Team wants to thank you for being

a part of it.  Your support and participation was vital to achieving our goal.  We had 17 adaptive teams and every single person completed the ascent, with the help of their teammates.  


Each participant in a wheelchair was provided with a FREE "FreeWheel", which provides far greater mobility, allowing them more options for adventures.  These aren't covered by insurance and cost approximately $700.00 each, so many were so elated when we were able to tell them to take them home!


We were fortunate enough to have a flyover of 7 Blackhawk Attack Helicopters to start our event, additionally we had very special guests, below.


Charlie Linville - The first combat-wounded veteran amputee to reach the summit of Mount Everest not only attended and rooted everyone on, he placed the medals around the necks of those as they successfully completed the hike.  What an honor to have him present.


Brianna Helbling  provided entertainment at the top, and started off the event with a beautiful singing of our national anthem.  She also performed "LIMBitless," a song written for LIMBitless, which was amazing!  She is an incredible talent and were so lucky to have her here, all the way from North Dakota.


Richie Brockel, the former NFL tight-end for the Carolina Panthers, attended and helped take people to the top.  He was so very kind to everyone and it was a pleasure having him attend.


We sincerely hope that everyone who participated was positively impacted by their experience.


Thank You Sponsors!

Thank you to all of our generous sponsors for their support of the LIMBitless Challenge..  Due to their financial involvement, our organization continues to grow and launch this event, the first of its kind, in Boise, Idaho.  We have exciting plans for our organization which will only help others, which would not be a possibility without the support of our sponsors.


Below is a list of these special people and organizations, and because of them, lives have been changed.  Please click their logo, visit their website, and send them a personal note of thanks for all that they do for our wounded veterans and adaptive communites.

Albertsons Family Foundation
Home Depot
Steadfast Foundation
KFalk Design
Beyond The Sky Films
HA Photography
First Student

Thank You Volunteers!

We owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to our volunteers.  Helping set up, being on a team and making the hike with an adaptive participant, and doing anything they could to help out when and where needed.  Our event success is only as strong as the volunteers, and truly, Boise is beaming with incredible people.  Thank you, each and every one of you!

Aliu, Luljeta

Almonte, Rose


Arce, Arnaldo

Arteaga, Gabby

Atchinson, Becky

Bales, Anne

Banes, Nate

Boer, Justin

Bowmen, Corey

Carr, Janet

Cash, Carly

Chambers, Brad

Cooper, Robert

Coppola, Dani

Cord, Josh

Czerwinski, Kayla

Davidson, Nancy

Dunn, Rick

Durst, Brandon

Durst, Cheri

Eickmaier, Teirah

Fitzgerald, Sean

Geile, Randy

Hanshew, Annette

Henke, Jordan

Hennigan, Theresa

Herman, Ken

Herring, Jason

Hollingsworth, Jo-An

Horton, Stephanie

Hunt, Samantha

Hurd, Scott

Hurd, Nan

Ibrahim, Ibrahim

Iverson, Jeff

Iverson, Justin

Jones, Richard

Jones, Christy

Kern, Ronald Sr.

Kern, Tony

Knoxx, Taylor

Lewis, Paula

Lewis, Donald

Lewis, Steve

MacCleary, MacKenzy

Mehaffey, Stacey

Parrish, Cody

Pline, Dakota

Powell, Rose

Ralston, Karol

Rane, Alicia

Rawlings, Nathan

Rawlings, Aidan

Rugg, Tonya

Schott, Julie

Spargo, Zach

Staley, Matt

Stoops, Steve

Strong, Trevor

Sutton, Camden

Taylor, Eaton

Taylor, Noxx

Taylor, Erin

Terry, Linda

Trujillo, Sandy

Ward, Alicia

Warren, Aaron

Welker, Deb

Wheeler, Jennifer

Winters, Ciara

* If your name is missing, our apologies, but please email us so we can get you added right away!


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